Horse Riding

Let me tell you a little story about the girl down the hall from me. She always seemed like the nice, wholesome girl next door. She was smart, reserved, prim and proper. In a word, people described her as “innocent.” However, I learned a few years ago that the ones you think are the most innocent might just be the wildest.

It was my sophomore year of college. I went to a school up in Indiana to study engineering. I was still living in the dorms, but I didn’t mind. My parents were pretty well off, so I was able to live in the nicer dorm building. Each room even had its own bathroom, which is rare in a dorm room.

Studying engineering, I soon discovered, was pretty shitty. I loved the work, but the program seemed to alienate me. There were very few girls in the engineering program, and most of them weren’t the prettiest. There was one girl, though, that I found absolutely gorgeous.

Her name was Ginessa, and she happened to live just down the hall from me. She was a very smart girl; smarter than most of the other students in the engineering program actually. Her parents had money, and she also received an academic scholarship, so she was able to afford one of the single dorm rooms in my building.

It turned out that she wanted a single because she didn’t care to make friends with anyone. She was a very reserved girl. She didn’t hang out with anyone on our floor and spent most of her time in her room with the door shut. Many people thought she was stuck up. I, on the other hand, was helplessly drawn to her.

She was beautiful. She had silky waves of bright blonde hair cut to about halfway down her neck. Her eyes were dark green and always looked so kind, yet seductive. Her body was definitely worth fantasizing about. She had a curvy figure – a Marilyn Monroe type. Maybe not as full in the breasts, but she had those thick, wide hips and a shapely, round ass. Ginessa had put on the typical Freshman 15 since I first met her, but it had all gone towards giving her one of the most mouthwatering asses on campus. I think I literally salivated just thinking about it once.

As I said, Ginessa didn’t hang out with anyone on our floor, so I never was able to spend time with her. But, I got my chance sophomore year. We both lived in the same rooms as the year before, and we both happened to be in the same physics class. I couldn’t believe my luck.

I walked up to her after class one day and introduced myself. She only seemed vaguely familiar of who I was, but I played it cool and walked with her back to our dorm. Along the way, I proposed that we get together to study sometime. At first, she wasn’t going for it. She said that she usually preferred to study alone. But, I offered to buy pizza and make flash cards, and eventually convinced her.

For a month and a half, we would meet once a week or so and study. Some days, we would study in my room, but we usually studied in hers since she didn’t have a roommate to bother us.

It was strange being in her room. She never had anyone come over, yet it was very clean and tidy. I felt like an adventurer exploring undiscovered territory. Whenever she would leave to use the bathroom or something, I had to resist the urge to raid her panty drawer.

Ginessa was always very nice to me. We started to really get along. My roommate joked that I was the Ice Queen’s first friend. That was the nickname for her on my floor. The trouble was, I didn’t want to be friends with her. I wanted to fuck the shit out of her. Every time I left her room and headed back to mine, I would fantasize about her shapely body. If only I didn’t have to leave and I could stay longer.

Then an idea came to me. Maybe I didn’t have to leave entirely. I had tried flirting with Ginessa a few times, but she was clearly not into me like that. I was quickly becoming friend-zoned. I was constantly daydreaming about her body but had practically no chance of seeing it unclothed. So, I thought, maybe I’ll take matters into my own hands. What did I have to lose?

I looked up a spy store on the internet and walked to the address after class one day. I didn’t know that stores like that even existed until I Googled it. They had all sorts of things that a private investigator might use. There were binoculars, audio recorders, hidden cameras and all sorts of gadgety stuff.

Now that I think about it, I’m sure that most of their business probably came from peeping toms. That was ok by me because that’s exactly what I was doing. I bought a very small hidden camera with a wireless transmitter in it. It was perfect. All I needed was a good place to hide it in Ginessa’s room.

Over the next month or so, I started leaving things in her room. Usually, it was a book or my backpack. I would play it off like I had just forgotten it and come back for it another time. Soon, it became such a regular occurrence for me to “accidentally” leave something that Ginessa would never have found it suspicious if something of mine were in her room.

Then I took a book and made some modifications to it. I cut out a small hole in the cover over the spine. Then I hollowed out a good portion of the book; sort of like in the movies when somebody hides a gun in a book. I fit the wireless adaptor and power source for the camera inside the book, aimed the tiny camera lens through the hole in the spine, and linked it all to my computer wirelessly.

I tested it out first and was amazed at how well I could see. I set the book in the corner of my room and watched my computer monitor. I could see almost my entire room! Also, the camera had a decent microphone built in so I could hear. My plan was going to work for sure.

It took a couple of tries to leave my hidden camera in Ginessa’s room. The first time I left it, she stopped me on the way out the door.

“Matt, wait,” she said. “Don’t forget your books over there. You always forget something in here.” I was so close — almost out the door. I took my books with me and tried again the week after. I got lucky this time. Ginessa must have been having a rough day. The whole time we were studying, she seemed pretty on edge.

“You feeling alright?” I asked her.

“Yeah,” she said, “I’m fine. It’s just been a really long day is all.”

“Oh. Well, tell you what. It’s pretty late. Why don’t we call it a night and you can relax?”

Ginessa said it wasn’t a big deal, but I insisted. Eventually, she conceded and I left. I got all the way out the door this time without her calling me back. My heartbeat quickened. This was really going to work. I hurried back to my room and turned on my computer. Luckily, my roommate had gone to a party that night. He usually stayed over at a friend’s whenever he went out, so I had the whole room to myself.

I quickly synced up my computer to the hidden camera. I had left the book on her desk, beside her bed. The image started to come through and I was ecstatic. I had a clear picture of Ginessa lying down on her bed. She was on her back with one hand covering her eyes. She seemed stressed. I guess she wasn’t kidding about it being a rough day.

She was fully clothed, but I couldn’t help getting a little turned on. The whole idea of watching a girl who doesn’t even know she’s being watched was intensely erotic to me. I could see how she acted behind closed doors. More importantly, I might finally be able to see her naked.

Nothing exciting happened for almost an hour. I left the feed on, keeping it in the corner of my eye while I got some other work done. She had picked up a novel and started reading. A long day of homework and she relaxes by reading some more? But, after about an hour, she put the book down, stood up, and grabbed the bottom of her shirt.

I set everything aside and glued my eyes to my computer monitor. She was going to take her clothes off, and I had a front row seat. She pulled her t-shirt over her head and threw it into a hamper. I started to stir in my pants. She was wearing a white bra underneath, nothing fancy. Then she started to unbutton her jeans and unzipped her fly. She hooked her thumbs into her waistband and slid them off.

It all happened so quickly that I almost got caught off guard. She stood in the middle of her room in her matching white bra and panties. The panties had started to ride up a little into her crack and her cheeks were framed perfectly, the bottoms of them just barely exposed. She then bent over a little and took off her socks, throwing them into the hamper as well.

“Now for the big finale,” I said to myself. “Only a couple of things left, Ginessa. Which one do you want to show me first?” However, I was not as lucky as that. Ginessa walked across the room, went into her bathroom, turned on the shower, and closed the door behind her.

How cruel! I didn’t even get to see! I felt like I had just been blue-balled. I kept my focus on the monitor though. She could come out at any minute. She was in her bathroom for quite a long time, so she must have been getting ready for bed — brushing her teeth and such. It wasn’t until 45 minutes later that I heard her hair dryer finally stop.

I saw the door to her bathroom open and she walked out wearing only a towel. I was being teased by someone who didn’t even know I was watching. She just went about her regular nightly routine and I was glued to the computer screen, waiting for her to drop the towel.

Ginessa walked around doing this and that for five more minutes. Then she walked over to her closet and grabbed a pair her pajamas. She dropped her towel to the floor. I was almost in shock. I mean, I knew going into this that I was probably going to see her naked, but some part of me almost didn’t believe it was actually happening. She was in front of her closet, facing away from the camera.

I had a wonderful view of her ass. It was so round and soft looking. There were a few drops of water still left on her from the shower, glistening on her cheeks. I had a stiff erection in my pants and I decided to drop my jeans to my knees to free it. She shifted her weight onto one leg and I watched as her cheeks moved, one pressing against the other, jiggling slightly when she stopped moving.

She turned around to start putting on her pajamas and I got a full view of her perky tits. They weren’t very large, but they had a great shape. Her nipples were hard, exposed to the cool air. I could only see the top of her pussy as she was bent over slightly. It looked like it was kept very neat, even with the amount of hair surrounding it. It wasn’t what you’d call hairy. She just wasn’t the type of girl to shave it into a thin strip or a triangle or anything like that. I imagined what it would be like going down on her, my nose nestling into her soft hair.

She had only been naked for twenty seconds or so before she started slipping into her pajama pants. It seemed the free show was about to end. Luckily, I was recording it. After her pants were on, Ginessa suddenly stopped. She sat down on her bed and seemed to be contemplating something.

I had been ready to turn off my monitor and call it a night as well, but I continued to watch as Ginessa sat on her bed, turning something over in her mind. Just like that, one of her hands started massaging her breast while her other hand slowly crept down her pants. ‘Oh my god,’ I thought. ‘Was she going to start masturbating?’

“Holy shit. Yes,” I said to myself. “Oh please. Do it. Do it, Ginessa. You know you want to. You’ve had a long day and you need to wind down.”

Ginessa continued touching herself and grabbed one of her pillows. She put the pillow in the middle of her bed and lay down on top of it — the pillow directly between her legs. Then she slowly started moving her hips. She was humping her own pillow.

She was slow at first, but very quickly started humping it harder and faster. After less than a minute, she was riding it so forcefully that her ass began to shake, as she grinded herself up and down the length of the pillow. I always thought girls liked to take it slow, but Ginessa sort of just threw herself into it.

‘Wow!’ I thought. ‘Guess she needed this really badly.’ I could hear her start to moan softly, but then she let out an agitated groan. She dismounted the pillow and pushed it off of the bed. Guess it wasn’t doing it for her.

“Fuck this,” she said. This was definitely a side to Ginessa I had never met before. She stood up beside her bed and took her pants back off. She was now completely naked again. Then she got onto her knees and reached for something beneath her bed.

Ginessa stood back up holding a rectangular box that was nearly a yard long. She put the box on her bed and the front of it rolled over towards the camera. “Top Tier Equine Dildo: Full Size” it said on the box.

“What? What the hell is that?” I said, bewildered. “Equine? Like… horses?”

Ginessa opened the box and pulled out the absolutely last thing I ever thought I’d see. There in her hands was a giant, black, rubber, horse-cock dildo. And, when I say a horse cock, I mean a horse cock. Yeah, I’ll admit that I’ve spent a lot of time on the internet. I’ve stumbled upon a horse cock or two before. This dildo wasn’t just some over-sized human shaped dildo. It was modeled after an actual horse dick, and, from the look of it, it was about the same size as one.

This thing was enormous. It was several feet long and very thick. It might as well have been a fucking arm she was holding. The bottom of the dildo had a huge suction cup to attach it to things. Ginessa’s eyes were filled with lust. Was she actually going to use this thing?

Ginessa tossed the box aside and started sucking the horse cock. She licked it up and down and shoved as much of it as she could into her mouth. The damn thing barely fit between her lips. How the hell was Ginessa going to fuck this thing? I mean, a vagina is only like six or seven inches deep, max. (Don’t believe stories that tell you different) Why would she even have such a long dildo?

Ginessa continued to suck on it. This seemed to arouse her even more and she started rubbing her clit and moaning, her mouth filled with the giant toy. Before too long, she decided it was time to fuck it. She spit a little into the suction cup at the base and attached it to the wall above the head of her bed. The dildo was so long that the head was flopped down, nearly resting on the bed.

Ginessa reached into an end table next to her bed and grabbed a large bottle of lube. She upended it and squirted out a large amount into the palm of her hand. Then she began coating her horse cock with the lube. After that, she turned around and… I guess the best way to describe it would be “assumed the position.” She was in a doggystyle pose with the big dildo right behind her.

God damn she looked fucking hot. I looked down and realized that I was just squeezing my dick hard with my right hand and wasn’t even jacking off. I was so caught up in what was happening on the screen. Ginessa reached underneath herself and fingered her pussy a little with the leftover lube on her hand.

After her fingers had their fill, she grabbed the bottle of lube again and squeezed out a very generous amount into her hand again. This time, however, she reached behind herself and wiped the giant glob of lube into her ass crack. Then she started working the lube into her asshole using her fingers. Naively, I wasn’t sure why she was using so much lube on her ass when she barely had any on her pussy. Then I realized that I was an idiot and that this little peep show of mine was about to turn crazy.

“No. Fucking. Way. You’re not gonna…. No way you can…. It’s just too big.”

After she had worked enough lube into her ass, Ginessa grabbed the horse cock and lined it up. The head was pressed against her asshole and I saw her prepare to be penetrated. Ginessa’s teeth clenched together and all of the muscles in her face were tight as she pushed back against the giant dildo. After only ten seconds of straining, the head popped inside and several inches followed.

“UuuuuUUUNNGGggh,” Ginessa grunted as the dildo split her open. She smiled to herself and pushed back some more, backing herself onto the massive fuck stick. She had obviously done this many times before. There was little resistance as she continued to impale herself more and more.

“Oh gawd,” moaned Ginessa. Then she clamped her teeth shut and said, “Yeah. Get in that ass.” I was awestruck. Ginessa was officially the filthiest girl I had ever known. It wasn’t even a close contest either. She took the fucking gold.

After about a foot, she stopped. A foot might seem like a large amount, but, on this dildo, it wasn’t even half way inside of her. She stopped moving, started rubbing her clit, and then began fucking the dildo. It would come almost all the way out and then Ginessa would push back, ramming her ass hard.

She got up a good pace and I watched as her hand furiously rubbed her pussy. Her breathing quickly became raspier and the horse cock continued to plunge into her ass forcefully. In no time at all, she was cumming. Her pace slowed and she struggled to catch her breath.

But, that wasn’t the end. She slid herself all the way off of the dildo, and then pushed right back onto it. She continued doing this for a little while, taking it out and forcing it back in. Each time the head stretched her hole open, she would moan deeply.

Then she was back to working herself deeper onto the dildo. She reached the point where she had stopped earlier, but kept going. Her ass must have become more stretched out in order to accommodate the massive cock.

Eventually, she reached the point where she actually had to move her legs back to go deeper, essentially walking back into it, but on all fours. I couldn’t believe how deep she was going. As a nerdy, white guy, I’ve only used this phrase a few times, but that horse cock was truly all up in her guts. When her feet touched the wall behind her, she stopped to fuck the dildo in and out some more. Ginessa was beginning to look crazed with lust.

“Oh, yeah,” she said. “Just like… ugh… that. Stretch my little asshole. Gape me open like a fucking whore!” Her pace became very fast. The horse cock was penetrating her so deep. There was a fire in her eyes. The girl seemed insatiable. I found myself wondering how deep it could possibly go. How much could the human body take?

However, I also became overpowered by lust myself, and I stroked my cock hard. Ginessa’s ass swaying back and forth, impaling itself again and again on the horse cock was like nothing I had ever seen. I didn’t want her to ever stop fucking it. I didn’t care if it destroyed her ass. I just wanted to watch her forever. Her tits were swinging back and forth underneath her and Ginessa gave her ass a few hard slaps, sending ripples through her cheeks.

“Yeah! Ride me! Ride me!” said Ginessa. “Pump my ass full of that big horse dick. Fill me up and stretch me out.” The dildo was plunging so deep into her ass and I could hear it slopping around with all the lube deep inside of her. The woman was an animal. An animal that needed to be fucked like an animal.

She picked up the speed of rubbing her clit and she soon came again. She didn’t slow down though and continued pounding the horse cock deep into her ass. The guttural sounds coming out of Ginessa were extremely hot. Her eyes glazed over for a little while and her tongue was partially sticking out of her mouth. She was lost in a sea of pleasure, and it seemed like she might drown.

Ginessa looked behind her to see how much of the dildo was left. There were still five inches or so left, but the head of the cock had to be somewhere around her stomach already, didn’t it? Even so, she spread her legs out wider and began forcing her ass back, swallowing the horse cock into her greedy ass. It was slow going at this point, and there were times when it seemed to hurt her.

Kissing Cathy Ch. 03

Mike walked into the bedroom, after working in the yard, just as Cathy entered the bedroom from the bathroom. His eyes lit up and he smiled when he saw her wearing only a towel. “If I had known you were in the shower, I would have finished in the yard sooner so I could’ve joined you,” he said as he walked to her.

“Looks like you’ll have to be alone in the shower this time,” Cathy said as they kissed. Mike started to take the towel off Cathy but she stopped him.

“You need a shower first,” she said, “and when you get out, I’ll be here waiting for you.”

“I’ll take a shower in record time,” Mike said with a smile.

“Don’t be too fast,” Cathy replied. “I want you to be clean, dry and shaven, okay?”

‘You got it.”

“And one more thing. When you walk into the bedroom, I want to see your fingers wrapped around your hard dick and giving it some nice strokes. You can do that for me, can’t you?”

“You know I can,” Mike said as he headed towards the bathroom. He was naked and in the shower in a flash. Mike had half a hard on as he washed, thinking about Cathy. He ran his soapy hand up and down his dick, getting it clean and fully hard.

Cathy stood in the doorway, watching Mike through the clear glass shower door. “That looks like fun,” she said to him.

Mike turned, he hadn’t know she was there. “Yes it is. I was just thinking of you. And it’s even more fun now that I can see you,” he said as he continued to stroke on his dick.

“Then you should enjoy seeing even more of me,” Cathy said as she took off the towel that covered her. She ran her fingers across her tits and tweaked her nipples as she watched Mike masturbate. “Are you thinking about cumming on my tits?”

“Yes,” Mike moaned as he kept his hand moving up and down his cock.

“Well then, you just keep thinking nice thoughts like that. I’ll be in the bedroom waiting for you. Remember, dry yourself and shave that stubble off your face before you leave the bathroom. And save that load of cum for me, okay?” Cathy said as she left and closed the door behind her.

Mike gave his dick a few more strokes as he thought what a fantastic woman Cathy is. Then he hurried to finish his shower and get ready for her.

Cathy sighed as she leaned against the bathroom door and thought what a fantastic guy Mike is. He’ll be out in a few minutes and I want my surprise ready for him. She walked to her dresser and pulled out the dildo she had hidden under her clothes. Cathy smiled as she looked at the realistic rubber dick she had bought yesterday without Mike’s knowledge. Mike loves watching me masturbate with my fingers, she thought, I bet he’ll really get off seeing me use this.

Cathy got on the bed, propping herself up on the headboard with lots of pillows behind her. She brought the dildo close to her face to get a good look at it. Sure looks like the real thing, wonder how it tastes, she thought as she opened her mouth and began sucking on the fake dick. The size is right but the texture is different.

Now for the big test, she removed the dildo from her mouth and lined it up with her pussy lips. She rubbed the head up and down her opening a few times, she was already wet with anticipation, then she pushed it a few inches inside her. Cathy gasped at the feeling of putting a dick inside herself, it felt good and she had total control of it. She pulled it almost all the way out then pushed it in an inch further than it was before. She twisted it around and felt the rubber veins move against the walls of her pussy, another new sensation. Again, she pulled her dick, as she was now beginning to think of it, almost all the way out and slowly pushed it in another inch further and twisted it around once more, moaning softly. I’ve only given myself a few strokes with my new dick and I’m in heaven already, she thought. Mike likes varying the strokes on his dick when he’s jerking off, so I’ll try that, too.

Cathy decided to go for short strokes, so she pulled the dildo out just a little then slowly pushed it in, again going just a little further in than the stroke before. Very nice, she thought and continued giving herself short strokes, going a little deeper each time. Soon the rubber dick was buried as deep as it would go, leaving only enough of it outside of her for her thumb and finger to hold on to. She looked down between her legs as she pulled the dildo out until only the head was inside her then pushed it all the way back in, twisting it as it slid. This looks almost as good as it feels, she thought as she watched herself stroke and twist her new dick in and out of her pussy.

Cathy was on a high sexual plateau, enjoying the sight and feel of the rubber dick sliding in and out of her when she heard Mike’s electric razor. She turned to her left, looked at the bathroom door and knew Mike would be coming to her very shortly. She closed her eyes and slowly removed her new dick from inside her, leaving her with a momentary sense of emptiness. She held the dildo and idly rubbed the base of it against her clit. Cathy opened her eyes and gasped at the sight. Her hand was wrapped around a large cock that seemed to be a part of her and she was getting sexual pleasure from stroking it. She turned to her right and looked at herself in the large wall mirror. It looked like she had a dick and was masturbating. She watched herself stroke her dick up and down with her hand as she felt an orgasm approach. I have a dick and I’m jerking off, this is so much fun, she thought as a small orgasm washed over her.

As Cathy came down she thought about Mike and the big surprise in store for him, so she hid the dildo under a pillow.

Mike was just about ready for Cathy. All he had left to do was wrap his fingers around his cock and make himself fully hard. This is the fun part, he thought as he began masturbating. His dick was at full strength very quickly, so he opened the bathroom door and walked into the bedroom while continuing to pump his dick up and down. He looked at Cathy, naked and beautiful on the bed and remembered the first time he jerked off on her. That was great but it’s even better now because she is awake the entire time.

Cathy watched Mike approach her. “You look so hot when you masturbate,” she said. “Does thinking of me make you so horny that you have to jerk off?”

“Yeah, you know it does,” Mike replied, “and I’m glad you get horny watching me stroke my dick because I really enjoy putting on a show for you.”

“I love watching you make yourself cum, the look on your face is fantastic when your dick spurts all over my tits. But I don’t want you to cum on my tits, at least not yet. I want to suck your dick first. Would that be okay with you?” Cathy said with a smile.

“You know I just want to please you, so of course you can suck my dick until your heart is content,” Mike teased back as he walked to the bed. Cathy opened her mouth as he approached, her head was crotch high to Mike, who stopped stroking his dick and just held it so it was pointing at her mouth. They both let out a moan as she began sucking his cock.

Mike loved the sight and feel of his dick in Cathy’s mouth. Her lips were pursed out to form a big O that slid up and down his shaft. All too soon Cathy removed his cock from her mouth and slowly stroked it while it was inches from her face.

“I’d like to try something a little different, okay?” Cathy said as she licked his cum slit.

“What ever you like,” Mike replied, as he pictured his dick spurting cum all over Cathy’s face. He has seen his sperm cover her tits and drool from her chin but not coat her face. Cathy’s stroking his cock made that something he thought he might soon see.

Cathy reached under the pillows for the dildo and said, “I thought you might like to watch me use my new dick.” She brought the dildo to her mouth, gave it a lick then positioned it at the entrance to her pussy. “Would you like to watch me fuck myself with my dick?” she asked as she spread her legs wide and let go of Mike’s dick so she could she could use both of her hands on the dildo.

Mike could only nod as he watched Cathy slowly slide the dildo all the way inside her pussy. He saw her eyes roll back in her head as she gave herself long slow strokes with her fake cock. He grabbed his own dick and stroked it with the same motion Cathy was using on herself.

Cathy’s eyes regained focus when she felt Mike’s dick rub her cheek. She watched him masturbate, inches from her face, stroke for stroke to what she was giving herself. She brought her left hand to his cock and moved his fingers out of the way. “Let me do that for you,” she said. “You don’t mind if I jerk you off, do you?” Mike could not speak as he admired the view below him but was able to shake his head.

“Good,” Cathy whispered as she stroked Mike’s dick with the same cadence as she fucked herself with the dildo. “I’ve watched you jerk off enough that I know how you like your cock stroked. Now I want you to watch me fuck myself with my dick so you can see how I like my dick stroked in my pussy. You do like watching me use my dick, don’t you?”

The pleasure centers in Mike’s mind were hitting on all cylinders as he saw Cathy’s dick, as he now thought of it, too, slide in and out of her pussy. And Cathy’s hands were stroking his cock just inches from her face. Again, he pictured globs of his cum covering her face. “I love what I’m seeing,” he said, and what I’m thinking.”

“What are you thinking?” Cathy asked.

“I’m thinking about cumming all over your face when you cum on your dick. I’m picturing what big globs of my cum would look like on your face, dripping down your chin and landing on your tits.”

“Will you kiss me when my face is covered with your sperm?” Cathy asked. She already knew the answer but loved hearing it from Mike.

“You know I will,” he said. “I’ll even lick my cum off your face and feed it to you. Would you like that?”

“You know I always love getting a mouth full of cum from you,” Cathy said as she moved both of her hands to behind her head. “But I want to suck your dick before you shoot your load all over my face. And I want to feel your hands on my dick as it fucks me. I just want to lay back and enjoy two dicks inside me at once.” Cathy turned her head towards Mike, pursed her lips into a big O and waited for his dick to enter her mouth.

Mike put just the head of his cock inside Cathy’s mouth as he reached between her legs to grab hold of her dick that was half way in her pussy. He slid the dildo all the way in her as his ears heard and his dick felt her moan. He began thrusting and twisting Cathy’s dick inside her, just as he had seen her do it. He expected Cathy to start bobbing her head up and down his cock as she usually did when it was in her mouth but she remained still, even though she was sucking the head and rubbing her tongue across it.

Mike and Cathy’s eyes were locked as Mike pulled Cathy’s dick almost all the way out of her pussy. As he pushed her dick deep inside her, he also pushed his cock further into her mouth. Cathy’s eyes rolled back in her head as she felt both dicks begin to fuck her.

Cathy was using a lot of will power to just lay still. Her impulse was to buck her hips to the thrusting of the dick in her pussy and to bob her head up and down on Mike’s cock in her mouth. But for now she wanted to feel what it is like to be motionless and have the pleasure pounded into her. And it did feel good. As Mike slid her rubber dick deep into her pussy, he also filled her mouth with his cock. Then both dicks would withdraw from her openings simultaneously and then fill her up again.

Mike watched his cock pump in and out of Cathy’s mouth. This is different but very nice, he thought. Usually he kept still and Cathy did all the moving when his dick was in her mouth. But now I’m fucking her mouth and it looks and feels so good. “Does it feel good to have me stroke your dick inside you while you suck my cock?” he asked.

Cathy could only moan for an answer.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Mike said. “It looks really hot to be fucking you with your dick and you know that seeing my dick in your mouth is one of my favorite sights. I’m glad you like having two cocks in you at once. How bout we change the pace a little?”

For a moment, Mike held both dicks deep inside Cathy. Then he slowly pulled the dildo almost all the way out of her pussy but kept her mouth full of his dick. When he pushed the dildo back inside her, he pulled his dick partially from her mouth. “One cock slides in as one slides out. You look so hot right now. The only way you could look any hotter would be to have my cum all over your face. And that will happen soon but first I want to see you cum on your dick.”

Cathy felt as though the two dicks in her were connected as they see-sawed back and forth through her body. Her body was tingling as an orgasm started in her abdomen, spread through out her entire being and took over all her senses. She couldn’t help but to thrust her hips to meet her dick that was fucking her and had to pull her mouth from Mike’s dick so she could scream.

Mike watched in awe as Cathy writhed in pleasure.

Finally, Cathy could take no more, the orgasm had become too intense, she placed her hands between her legs and made him stop fucking her in mid stroke, leaving the dildo halfway inside her. She tried to lie still again but involuntary bucked her hips a few times from orgasmic aftershocks.

“It looks like you really enjoy your new dick,” Mike said with a smile.

“That was fantastic. It feels so good to have you stroke my dick inside me,” Cathy said as she came down from her orgasm. Mike’s cock was pulsating just inches from her face. “Now it’s time for you to cum,” she said as she wrapped her hand around his dick and began stroking it. “I’m going to jerk you off so you can cum on my face. You do want to see your sperm drooling down my face, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Mike gasped as he watched Cathy masturbate him.

Cathy gently tickled Mike’s balls as she continued to slowly move her other hand up and down his cock. “I hope you have a nice load in here for me. I want it. I want to see it shoot from your dick and feel it land on my face,” she said. “I want you to cover my face with your cum. Are you ready to cum for me?”

“Yes,” Mike gasped again as Cathy began to stroke faster on his dick. His first spurt landed on her cheek, followed quickly by another. Cathy turned so the next couple ropes of cum hit her other cheek. She looked at Mike as she felt his hot juice land on her face and flow down to her chest. That look on his face is priceless, she thought, as she continued to pump more cum from his balls. The spurts became dribbles which Cathy made land on her nose and cheeks. When the dribbles slowed, Cathy rubbed Mike’s cum slit across her closed lips, covering her mouth and chin with sperm.

Mike could barely believe the feeling, and the sight, of his dick shooting cum on Cathy’s face. He moaned in pleasure as Cathy jerked him off and his seed dripped from her face to her chest. The intensity of the orgasm increased a notch when Cathy rubbed the head of his cock across her lips.

“I know you have some more cum in there for me,” Cathy said with a smile, “and I’m going to suck it out of you.” Cathy then took Mike’s dick in her mouth, bobbed her head up and down his hard rod, and sucked his balls dry.

Mike screamed from the sensory overload. He gazed at Cathy, her cum covered cheeks were concaved inward from the pressure she was applying to his cock, trying to suck out more cum that he did not have to give. He could take no more and had to pull his dick from her mouth as he continued to scream with pleasure.

Cathy knew Mike was totally satisfied when he removed his dick from her mouth. She was glad she could please him as she did because he always totally satisfied her. She leaned back, looked at Mike and relaxed in a warm glow as she felt his sperm on her face, dripping onto her chest. “How do I look?” she asked.

“Gorgeous,” Mike replied as he stared wide eyed upon his beautiful cum covered woman. “You know I am going to kiss you and lick you but I have to enjoy this sight of you for a moment before I do.”

“Then maybe you should get the camera and take a few pictures so you can enjoy this view later, too,” Cathy said.

Mike was shocked at her statement but it didn’t slow him down in getting the digital camera from the drawer and taking a few good shots of Cathy smiling into the lens.

“Now,” Cathy said, “put the camera on the dresser, zoom in on me, turn on the video, then come over here and kiss me.”

Mike, in a daze, set the camera up at a good angle, Cathy in frame from head to abdomen, turned it on and went to her. “You look amazing,” he said as he was face to face with her and looked closely at her cum covered face and chest. He leaned forward and they kissed passionately, he could taste his cum on her lips. “You taste like cum,” he whispered, “and I like it.”

Mike licked and slurped his mouth across Cathy’s right cheek, sucking in all his cum from that side of her face. He held his mouth closed as he smiled at Cathy before kissing her again. Their tongues intertwined, moving his sperm back and forth from each other’s mouth.

“You taste like cum, too, you know,” Cathy said as they broke the kiss. “And I like that taste from your mouth.” She glanced down Mike’s body to look at his dick, the source of their pleasure, and was pleased and excited that he was still hard. “How can you still have a hard on after just cumming so much all over me?” she asked.

“I guess it’s that you are the most erotic woman I’ve ever seen,” Mike replied.

“I want that hard dick in me, now,” Cathy said. “Lay down on the bed and let me ride you.”

Mike laid down on his back as Cathy wasted no time getting on top of him and impaled herself his dick, taking all of it on the first plunge.

Mike gazed up at Cathy as he felt his cock surrounded by the soft warm walls of her pussy and saw strands of his cum hanging from her tits and face. “You’re covered in cum and it’s dripping from you,” he said as he opened his mouth and leaned towards her bouncing body to catch a hanging rope of cum on his tongue that was about to fall from Cathy’s right tit.

Cathy was thrilled at the sight of Mike catching the cum dripping from her tit with his mouth. “Lay back, be still and open your mouth,” she told him as she positioned her left tit, and the strand of sperm that was hanging from it, over Mike’s face. She lowered herself towards him so that first the dripping cum and then her tit was in Mike’s mouth. “Drink your cum from my tit,” she almost screamed while bouncing her hips on his hard cock.

Mike sucked and slurped on Cathy’s wet tit and saw the look of ecstasy on her face. He also saw all the cum that was still there and dripping from her chin. He pushed Cathy up a bit to get her tit out of his mouth and said, “you still have a lot of my sperm on your face that you jerked off there. I really like the way it looks but I think it’s time I lick it off and feed it to you.”

Cathy lowered her face to Mike and ran her chin and cheek across his lips and outstretched tongue. Then she kissed him and tried to suck as much of his cum out of his mouth as she could as an orgasm spread from her pussy to throughout her entire body.

Mike was in sensory overload from Cathy riding his cock, the sight her cum covered body and feel of their cum filled kisses. What little sperm was left in his balls was pumped out, with extreme intensity, into Cathy’s thriving pussy. They screamed in unison with pleasure.

After resting for a few minutes, Cathy went to turn off the camera. When she reached it, she whispered something that Mike couldn’t hear before she turned it off.

As they lay in the afterglow of their love making session, Cathy smiled and asked, “Do you think you’ll masturbate when you look at the pictures of me covered with your cum and the video of us having sex?”

Watching Her

I came home from work dead tired. A week’s worth of 12-hour days had me beat and thinking of nothing but a cold beer and cuddling on the couch with my woman watching a little TV. She met me at the door and I could tell by the way her eyes were shining that she had different ideas for the night. One look at me though and she knew she would have to wait.

Taking me by the hand, she led me to the couch and pushed down into its soft cushions. She walked into the kitchen, opened the fridge and I heard the soft hiss of a beer being opened. Handing me the beer, she crawled onto the couch and pressed her body against me. Her scent and the way her nipples popped through the material of the thin tank top made me forget my aching body and focused my thoughts on her curves and the way her that body fit against mine. I ran a hand down her back and grabbed her ass, pulling her closer to me. She gazed at me with glowing blue eyes before kissing me softly and gentling laying me down on the couch. She lay her head on my chest and wiggled her body tight against me as she flicked on the TV. I laid my head down on the arm of the couch and closed my eyes for a second…

Only to wake up suddenly in a darken room. For a moment, I didn’t know where I was. Then, it all came back. I had fallen asleep on the couch. She had left me slumbering peacefully and went to bed by herself.

Shaking my groggy head, I started down the hallway to the bedroom. I noticed the glow of the lava lamp lighting the way. I wonder, briefly, why she had left it on when I heard a sound I knew well. The soft sigh of her contentment reached my ears and I wondered if she was rolling over, dreaming of me in her sleep. The bedroom door was only open little bit and as my hand reached to push it open, I stopped, frozen in my tracks at the sight displayed on the bed.

She was laying on her back, legs spread slightly, with both hands fondling her perfect breasts. The soft red light from the lava lamp covered her like a velvet glow, coloring her flesh with the color much like the dusty pink between her thighs. I could just make out her sweet rose peaking from between her thighs, her nectar glistening on her lips. My cock twitched in my pants at the sight of her running her hands over her breasts.

She was gripping them softly, tweaking her nipples between thumb and forefinger. She moaned softly as she twisted her harden nipples and arched her back gracefully, filling her hands with her tits. Another moan escaped her lips as she tweaked first the right, then the left nipple, giving them the attention I wanted to give. She was lost in the sensations her hands were giving her and I loved the sight of her.

A soft sigh spilled from her lips as her right hand slide down her ribcage, over her belly and between her legs. She arched her hips, grinding her pussy into the palm of her hand. As she spread her sensual lips, she brought her index finger up between them to massage her swelling clit. Dipping down into her portal, she spread her nectar over her lips and swollen bud. She started rubbing her pussy with her right hand as she fondled her tits with her left, first pulling on a nipple then grabbing all of her tit and flexing her hand rhythmically.

I wanted so much to crawl in bed with her and put my tongue where her hand was playing but this was a secret fansty of mine. To watch a woman pleasure herself when she thought she was along. Watch the way she worked herself into frenzy using her thoughts and hands to ignite the flames inside. So I watch, one hand stroking my cock through my pants. My breath was as ragged as her was becoming.

Now, she had both hands back to fondling her tits. Squeezing them together. Pulling at the nipples making them harder then before. She was moaning and sighing constantly now. Her lips had the sexy pout I loved seeing on them. I wanted to kiss those lips, tasting her passion but I was rooted to the spot waiting to see the climax I knew was to come.

She stopped massaging her tits long enough to reach up and grab the vibrator we had hidden in the headboard. The gentle buzz filled the room as she swept it over her nether lips, coating it with her juices. She arched again as it slide over her swollen clit and her hips twitched as she worked it down between her soaked lips. She teased her opening before running over her petals. Her left hand stopped working her breasts and reached to hold her lips apart. I could see she was totally soaked from the attention she was giving herself.

Her hand held her perfect petals apart as she slide the vibrator down from her clit, dipped into her cunt and back up to work her clit. Her hips jerked every time the head hit her sweet spot and she held it there while she thrust two fingers deep inside her pussy. She worked those two fingers, slamming them into herself faster and faster before pulling them out and replacing them with the vibe. A moan tore from her lips she slide every inch of that tool deep inside. My cock jerked, remembering the tightness of her wet cave gripping my shaft.

I watched the vibe disappear between her swollen lips then reappear slick with her honey. She would slip it in, twist it around, rubbing it against her sensitive flesh deep inside. All the while her other hand flicked across her delicate spot poking from the top of her cunt. Her thighs started twitching and the flush spread across the top of her tits and I knew she was close.

I wanted her orgasm as much as she did. I loved watching her cum, hearing the moans spill from her lips, the way her juices squirted from her honey pot. I waited, breath held as she climbed higher and higher on the shaft of the tool deep inside her cunt. I watched her hips move, her nipples harden by themselves and the spasms rippling her tummy.

Suddenly, she was there. Heaven. A scream tore from her lips as her golden fluid shot from her cunt. She held herself rigid, impaled as the waves of pleasure washed over her body. Her hand franticly squeezing her clit as her thighs twitched together once, twice, three times and her body jerked with the spasms of the orgasm.

I stood there watching as she slowly came back to herself. She was so beautiful and sexy I didn’t want to interrupt even though I wanted nothing more to then to gather her in my arms and hold her close as she flouted back down to earth. Her glowing neon eyes finally opened and spied me standing, watching her. She smiled slyly, held out her arms and I got my wish.

The Lingerie Club

At that time of my life, I was traveling quite a bit for work and usually those were solo travels. Often times the people that I visited had families and after-work commitments, so I was left to find my own entertainment at the end of the day. Being before the Internet really took off, that usually meant dinner for one and then a retreat to the room to either check out the in-room porn or to flip through an adult magazine – if I had found an interesting one to pick up at the airport or convenience store. Whenever possible, I’d scan the yellow pages of the local telephone book for obvious “gentleman’s clubs” in the Night Clubs section or check the Sports section of the local paper for advertisements from these places.

On one particular trip to the Denver area, the trip was scheduled to last for a couple of nights. The local sports section had several places advertised – some that were the traditional “gentleman’s clubs” and others that were listed as “lingerie clubs.” I opted for the traditional club on the first night and it was a nice club, offering the typical entertainment in a large room with two separate stages for the dancers to perform. Several dancers were on that night and after their on-stage shifts they would circulate through the room collecting tips and offering private dances. I had a pretty good night that night – getting a pretty good buzz going and enjoying the company of one of the girls. After a couple of private dances and some good conversation, I headed out to my hotel so that I could get enough rest to be coherent and functional the following day.

After dinner on the second night in town, I had contemplated returning to the same location – but figured that it was a long shot that the same dancer was on. On a whim, I went back to the sports page, wrote down the addresses for the 3 lingerie clubs listed and pulled out my city map. I located the 3 clubs on the map and found that none was particularly close to the hotel that I was staying in. The closest one was probably a 20-mile drive, but it was all interstate highways and since there was nothing else to do, I hopped into the rental car and headed out. After driving for a while, I left the interstate at the exit mentioned on the club’s ad and found myself in what seemed to be an industrial area along a major railroad artery. Driving back and forth, I finally located the correct street and in another minute I had found the “club” – located in what seemed to be the office area of a small warehouse type building.

Upon entering the “club” I passed by a small office and into a reception area. On one side of the room were a couch and two chairs arranged in a “U” shape facing a television. Four ladies were sitting on the couches watching the television, apparently killing time. One of the ladies came over to me and introduced herself, “hi, I’m Amy. Welcome to West Side Lingerie. Is this your first visit to the club?” I responded that it was and she immediately offered me a tour of the premises and explained the concept. “The club is set up with several private studios for you and your model to enjoy. The modeling rate is $100 per half-hour and the models are allowed to accept tips for their service, but the option to tip is entirely up to the client. Shall we continue with the tour?” she asked as if to confirm that I was able to afford their “services”.

“Yes, that is fine.” I responded and off we went.

The first room that she showed me was the Salon. “In here,” she said, “your hostess will wear the outfit that you select from our assortment on that rack and the two of you will play strip poker. Some of our customers who enjoy gambling prefer this room.”

Continuing on, we entered the “Club” room, which had a comfortable chair in one corner and a raised platform in the center with a pole running from the platform to the ceiling. “In this room,” Amy explained, “your hostess will perform an erotic dance for you.”

After a quick look around that room, we passed through a larger room and into a room that was painted in flat black and had a terrazzo floor with a drain in the center and a variety of colors of paint splattered on the floor and walls. “This room is the body painting room,” Amy described. “In here, you and your hostess will use easily washable body paints to decorate each others’ bodies.”

The last room that we entered was actually the large room adjacent to the body painting room. In the corner of the room was a large, glass enclosed shower stall. “This is our last room,” Amy said. “In here, you and your hostess will take a shower and will take turns lathering each other.” After the final explanation, she turned to me and asked me which room that I’d like to use – my quick response was the shower room.

Amy re-explained the fee and after I had peeled 5 $20’s off of a handful of bills in my wallet, she disappeared from the room for what seemed to be an eternity, but was likely only a few minutes. She eventually returned, with her hair pulled up in a high ponytail, carrying some towels, and wearing a terry cloth robe. She came over to me, lead me to the shower, opened the door, removed her robe and hung it on the hook beside the shower and reached in to turn the water on.

As she adjusted the water temperature, she suggested that I remove my clothes – unless I wanted to get them wet too. I watched her as her sexy form reached in and adjusted the water knobs and finding the water to be comfortable; she stepped in to the oversized shower stall, and closed the door behind her. I quickly removed my clothing, piling it on the chair across the room and walked toward the shower stall, my cock already fully hard from watching her prepare the shower for me.

As soon as I got in and closed the door behind me, she put her hands on my shoulders and positioned me under the stream of water. It felt incredible under there – having the warm water on my head and back contrasting with the slightly cool air blowing against my chest, abdomen, and groin. I closed my eyes, wanting to concentrate on the sensation and I felt her hands leave my shoulders. Peeking slightly, I could see that she had reached down to grab the bottle of shower gel and was pouring some into the palm of her hand. My cock throbbed as I watched her rub her palms together, coating her hands in the gel, and then begin rubbing them over my chest.

As she rubbed, she leaned forward and whispered into my ear “honey, as much I’d like to, we cannot fuck in here tonight – this isn’t that kind of place.” “If you behave yourself, though, when we get out of the shower, you can sit in that chair and jerk off while I play with myself in front of you” Oh god! That mental image wasn’t helping me at all, nor was the feel of her hands on my chest, my stomach, then on my thighs and around my cock.

Sensing the difficulty that I was having with keeping my composure as she lathered my thighs and abdomen, Amy guided me to turn around and then lathered my back and ass. She then handed the bottle of shower gel to me and asked if I’d mind lathering her up.

Would I mind? – hell, I could hardly wait. I took a slightly different approach to lathering than she did. As we switched places, I stood facing Amy and took the bottle and squeezed out a stream of gel across the top of her chest. The cool liquid got her to jump a bit and then I began massaging the gel into her skin, starting from her shoulders and working my hands down. As I smoothed the lather into her breasts, I gently cupped them in my hands and rubbed the flat of my palm over her nipples. I was enjoying the sensation of lathering my shower partner, and by the soft moan deep in her throat I could tell that she was enjoying the feel of my palms on her nipples.

After caressing her lovely breasts as long as I thought that I could get away with, I picked up the bottle of gel again and squirted a small Z on her lower abdomen and shot a stream down each of her thighs. I lowered my arms and bent my knees slightly, allowing me to place my hands on her thighs just above her knees. I let my hands play over her thighs, my fingers raking slowly up the front and then sliding my palms down. On the next pass, I brought my hands up the inside of her thighs as high as she’d let me – I could feel the heat from her pussy as she guided my hands around her sex. I complied and moved my hands to her flat stomach, rubbing the gel into her skin.

It seemed that she didn’t want to offer me any more temptation there, so she turned and faced the water stream, placing her hands on the shower wall. I squirted some more gel over her ass and rubbed her lovely globes. I was feeling that familiar throb in my cock and could tell that I was pumping pre-cum as the sensations swirled in my head. I leaned my body against hers, reaching around to bring my hands back to her swaying breasts. As I reached around her, my cock pressed between her ass cheeks and she playfully reached back and moved it to her hip – then reminded me of the rules. More importantly, she reminded me that the consequence of breaking the rules was that she’d leave the studio and I’d have to dry off and leave the premises immediately. I quickly agreed to behave myself.

She slid her hand over my hip and whispered in my ear, “It seems like you are ready to get yourself off. Why don’t we rinse ourselves off real well and move out of the shower?” All I could manage was an affirmative sounding moan.

She turned the water off and handed me a towel. I removed the excess water from my body and she did the same then opened the shower stall, took me by the hand, led me to the chair on the other side of the room, and guided me into it.

Amy then sat on the floor in front of me and began encouraging me to jerk off for her. At first it felt strange – the idea of stroking my cock right there. For as long as I could remember, my masturbating was always a very private thing and I was always afraid that I’d get caught. It was certainly a new experience to have a beautiful, sexy woman sitting on the floor at my feet and suggesting that I stroke my cock for her. Amy helped me along by placing her hands on my knees and spreading my thighs as far as the chair would allow. She then laid down on her back in front of me and placed her feet just inside of my feet on the floor.

“Come on, baby – stroke it for me. Show me how much you enjoyed our shower time together” Amy said as she began rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples. How could I refuse? All my inhibitions fell away and I extended my feet out, rubbing them along the outside of Amy’s thighs as I wrapped my hand around my cock and started fucking my fist.

“That’s it, baby…show me…you got me so hot in that shower…I want to see you shoot your cum for me….mmmmm” Amy slid one hand from her breast, down her stomach, and over her pussy. Looking up at me watching me stroke she said “look at my pussy, baby…I wish that I could have your cock in here.” As she teased me with her words, she used the first and ring fingers from her hand to spread her pussy lips while she curled her middle finger and used it to flick at her clit.

The sight of Amy playing with herself in front of me as she encouraged me in her sexy voice was more than I could handle. My pace quickened and my hand was soon stroking my cock with only one thought in mind. I needed to cum and I needed to cum right then. I didn’t care who else was there or what else was going on around me.

My eyes glazed as I watched Amy teasing herself. In another moment I moaned out loud as the first jet of cum sprayed from my cock and sprayed my cum onto my chest. I continued stroking, my hand pumping wildly on my cock, milking my cum from my balls. As I continued jerking, my cum sprayed wildly – one stream accidentally landed on Amy’s inner thigh.

Amy smiled, slid her hand from her pussy and used her middle finger to wipe my cum off of her leg. Then she winked at me and brought her finger to her mouth, tasting herself and me. For a few seconds, she sucked her middle finger like a small cock, finishing by flicking her tongue over her fingertip.

Smiling, Amy then got up from the floor, picked my towel up and draped it over my cock, placed her hands on my thighs and kissed me on the cheek. I held her for a second and reached down to grab another $50 from my pocket. She smiled, wrapped her robe around her, dropped the money in her robe pocket and moved toward the door. As she slipped out, she looked back at me and said “thanks for coming by tonight. I had a great time.”

As she watched, I traced my finger through the stream of cum on my chest and brought it to my lips. I licked it clean as she watched, smiled at her and responded, “mmmmm…so did I.”

The Karma Fuck

It was strange, but mostly it was embarrassing. I mean, there I was in the final two strokes of a deliriously powerful orgasm, as I closed my eyes in the absolute joy of the moment and I came. Suddenly I heard screams and moans and I opened my eyes to see my cum arching out from my cock and splashing right in the middle of a beautiful, baby shower cake.

Taking a deep breath, I looked around the room to the horrified, disgusted and angry stares of at least a dozen women, ranging in age from maybe twenty up to at least eighty years old. Though horrified, disgusted and angry, the women did look stunning in their pastel sun dresses, semi formal suits and one in some designer maternity clothes. Yes, it looks like I had just come right in the middle of a high society baby shower.

Apologizing profusely, I grabbed some cute little ducky napkins and dabbed up the cum that had splashed on my thigh. I then grabbed from the pile of baby rattle napkins to dab off my cock and balls.

Hearing one of the ladies on the phone with the police, I quickly pulled up my underwear and jeans, zipped up and headed for the door. The ladies folded back away from me like a café door and I moved to the door and stepped outside.

Damn, there were Mercedes, Lexuses and even one Bentley parked in the semi-circular driveway, all attended by drivers in tuxedos. I bolted down the driveway hoping they didn’t have a guard at the front gate.

Fortunately, the flustered ladies had not managed to get the guard to close the gate, so I was able to run down the driveway and turn onto the street. Completely unaware of where I was I just ran down the street hoping to get back into normal civilization, where I might duck down an alley and hide.

Up ahead, on a street corner I spotted a gas station, where I was able to duck into the men’s room and lock myself in one of the stalls. Sitting down on the toilet I was finally able to think. Think, hell, what was there to think about? I needed to figure out where I was and figure out how to get home.

I got up, went over to the sink and splashed some cold water on my face and then dried off with a few paper towels. Peeking though the door I made sure there were no police cars in sight and then I walked up to a phone booth. Fortunately the phone book was there and yes, I was still in the city at least.

Picking up the receiver, I pretended to be making a phone call while I looked at the street signs. Hey, the cross street here was Fairmont Drive, okay something I finally can recognize. I hung up the phone, stepped out of the booth and began heading down Fairmont Drive, promising myself to remember to have cab fair in my pocket next time I planned to jack off.

Yeah, I said next time and I can say that because this wild trip has not been the first time. In fact, it is only one of many I’ve experienced in the last year or so. It’s difficult to explain, I mean I’m looking at some porn magazine, or perhaps a DVD and well, I decide to join in the activity right there by myself.

I begin toying with my nipples, feeling the almost electric jolt run down to my cock as it hardens. Taking my cock in my hand I slowly begin to stroke it up and down, imagining my tongue slipping into a woman’s pussy, her mouth closing over my cock as we lick and suck together. With some concentration and control, I can bring myself close and then ease off, letting my cock twitch in the cool air as I diddle my nipples.

The secret is to know exactly when to stop because on get that one stroke too many and there you go. In my case, it’s not just sexually but physically too. When it’s finally time to come I take it to the edge and then, just one more stroke and it all begins, and then one more just for the fucking pleasure of it and damn, I’m gone.

Next thing I know I open my eyes to a scene like this afternoon. A fucking baby shower and I’m spurting my cum all over the cake… what a fucking pervert.

Of course it’s not always a baby shower, why just last week I dropped into the middle of the First Baptist Church’s Tuesday Ladies Bible Club meeting, spraying my cum over the preacher’s wife’s bible. Before that I creamed into the punch at the Grand Cotillion Debutant Ball, I seasoned the steak of the keynote speaker at the local Women’s Lib meeting and I brought the spunk back into the Daughters of the American Revolution Wheelchair and Walker Jamboree.

Fortunately, the sight of my cum soiling whatever it happens to splash into is so horrific that no one has gotten a very good look at me. Just like a good train wreck, the people just can’t look away, so while they watch in disgusted fascination, I just zip up quickly and take off running. I have always escaped, but I just know one day I’ll pop off at some women’s track championship and will not get away.

Funny thing about it all, the few times I have been with a woman, everything is normal, we have sex, I cum where I am supposed to and remain with her the entire time. To be honest I’ve only been with women maybe three times since my masturbatory “problem” began, but everything worked fine then.

Recently I’ve been too afraid to try to meet any new women, I fear when I unzip and she sees my cock she may recognize it from some Ladies Club Meeting or something. It’s not that I am so well endowed or that it is significant or anything, it’s just that from all the trauma I’ve caused around town, someone’s bound to have flashbacks and identify me.

I tried going to a doctor once, but he wouldn’t believe me and when I showed him what happens, I ended up in a Breast Feeding Conference at a nearby convention center. Hell, it was the La Leche League meeting the Letch.

Letting myself get philosophical and all, I think I got it all figured out, it’s Karma! I mean all those times when I was younger and the Priests and Preachers would tell me I’d go blind or crazy or both. And hell, I can see fine and am as sane as anyone, it’s that I just teleport when I masturbate and come. The good Lord let me continue to see and kept me sane, instead he made me a transportable cum-shot.

Of course the logical thing to do is to simply stop jacking off and hey I’ve tried. I mean I cancelled my seven subscriptions to my semi-porn magazines, quit going to porn shops to pick up the hard core stuff. The problem there is that after weaning myself off the porn other things turn me on, I mean, look here, people magazine and damn, that Katie Couric is fine. Oh yeah, she’s real fine, even that chubby version of her… especially that chubby version, yeah Katie, yeah…

Too late, it’s one stroke and then another…

“Oh hello Ms. Couric, let me get you another salad.

“No, no Ma’am, that’s not creamy Italian, no it’s something entirely different. Yeah, let me take that salad… I mean it, I’ll get you another.”

“There you go, I warned you. Yeah, yeah it doesn’t taste like creamy Italian, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. Yes, yes it tastes like… exactly, that’s what it tastes like. Of course it’s disgusting, I tried to warn you.

“Look, look Ms. Couric, I could have left, but I tried to help. Yes, I did. What are you going to do with that fork?

“No, no Ma’am I’ve never considered a cock piercing… I should? No, no… I think I will be leaving now.”

Damn, and to think I thought she was so hot. I’ve got to run now.

In Need

I awoke with another morning alone with the need of sexual release. Is this going to ever end or is the real thing ever going to begin? Many of my girlfriends have their toys close by in their dresser drawers by their bed, but for me I only want the touch of a flesh; preferably hot, steamy, pulsating flesh and that is the only way I am going to have it.

I woke this with my body in need of soft touches, strokes upon my skin, and the feel of hot human flesh. Was he laying there beside me? No! Again, neither a man by my side, nor was I going to be desperate entice one to be there.

I turned in my bed with my breast exposed; beckoning themselves to me. Those soft brown full, supple, large dark areola and the nipples thick and wide wanted to be touched and pleasured. I gave them a slight touch and all of sudden I felt a tingling sensation between my legs. This happens every time, but this time I was not going to continue suffering in pain and anguish just because there was not a man by my side or one worthy to share such a intimate time or space. The feeling was becoming overwhelming stronger. I promised myself that I would not settle just because my sexually appetite was not quieting the hunger deep inside me; that I would just do without. It is not easy, but it can be done.

Before I knew my mind was set in a fantasy whilst I laid there on my back, parted my legs and parted thick lips to find the softly stroking my clit and before I knew it it became a deeper and more aggressive stroking on my clit. My hips rose and lowered as my body got warmer.

My imagination took me to a place as if my lover was sitting in a nearby chair as other men were having their way with me. One would pinch my nipples hard, the other would slap my breast and hips about till I cried out in plesaurable pain, the other man would stroke my inner thighs, and the other man would lick and suck on my clit till I couldn’t take it anymore and my lover wanted to break the ropes that tied him down in the chair before me. Calling out that he wanted to fuck me hard as they did as well.

“Get off her. The game is over. I am the only one that can fuck her.”

A tall broad shoulder man that I didn’t know, but then again I didn’t know any of them, “Man you should have thought of that before you wanted to play this game. I don’t see her complaining Derek. Look at her body get redder and hot as we do what we do. Let’s face it man you haven’t been doing your duty good enough. Her moans prove it.”

I turned to Derek, STOP IT! You planned this and you wanted to happen; now it is deal with it. It is true; I do love it.”

One of the handsomest of the men kissed me on my forehead; like it was a complimentary kiss.

The tallest man smiled at Derek, “See man I know women. It is obvious that you have not been satisfying this Nubian Queen.”

Derek shouted back; as if he was going to break the ropes, “You don’t know what she needs or likes.”

“Obviously we do for she has pulled away. She has played the struggle game, but I know when it is a real struggle and this cat wanted and needed to be petted.”

Derek screamed with all he had, “she was for me to fuck only; you guys were just to come and get here all hot.”

The men chuckling out loud, “I think we have done that part, but this baby is too sweet and not to take more of her would be a shame.”

“Now dear baby let us see what you have to give us. It is time for the train. Line it up and drive it in.”

I could hear my own self moaning out loud.

The handsomest man whispered in my ear that he was going to have me last, for he was going to be the real man to get me off and that I was going to be his woman, for he wouldn’t do this to his woman. For a woman that is for a man is for him only and no one else….games or no game.

They drove into my hot pussy without any mercy and by the time it was his turn he told me his name.

“My name is Daniel. I want this to be more personal, so the others are going to leave, but leave you and only you a little gratuity for all your sweetness.”

Daniel kissed me on my forehead, both cheeks of my face, then softly on my lips, down my neck, my moist shoulders, as he cup my breast as it was the first time and let his mouth find pleasure in them.

I was going to cum at any moment, but he continued.

“See Derek; this is how you make love to a woman she is not a hoe or a piece of meat…this is all woman…one to be placed on a pedestal and she is most definitely in need of a champion.

Daniel looked deep into my eyes as he entered me and whispered, “it is going to be alright and if you want me to stop I will stop.”

I couldn’t help but plead with him not to.

He proceeded to open up the gate to my garden in such a way I couldn’t help but want him over and over again. He was gentle but with a forceful without being overbearing. He felt like a real man. As he stroked in and out, raising my hips, kissing my neck, whispering how beautiful I was; we both came at the same time. I had never come so hard in my life to where the sheets were drenched and I was a limp as butter leaf lettuce. I was shivering, but not cold just a very powerful orgasm.

I opened my eyes and found that it was just me and my middle finger again in a morning of need. I wanted a Daniel in my life.

The Guest Bed

I find nothing ahead of me exciting. The day is dreary, gray, and far too warm to look that way. A storm is coming in: I can see the kohl-black clouds sprawled out across the sky, looming heavily over the fields as I bring the laundry off the line. I wonder if there will be a tornado, if maybe I’ll have to go down-cellar.


A glimmer of hope fills me at the thought. I consider the possibility of a storm and convince myself that the odds are good, that maybe I should just go ahead anyway. It’s wishful thinking but I don’t care.

In the coolness of the cellar, lingering under the aroma of Tide and mothballs is the scent of lust. Over beside the noisy washing machine, underneath the squeaking kitchen floorboard is the faded plaid sofa bed where you’re resigned to sleep each night. I can see your pillow, still holding the shape of your head even though you’ve been gone for hours now. A single strand of light-brown hair rests on it. I pluck it up and hold it to my lips, wishing it was still attached to you, willing this kiss to somehow make contact with you.

My eyes roam downwards, along the patchwork quilt. I envy its handmade softness which was only hours ago resting against your skin. I know there was nothing between you and it. I’ve been downstairs to check up on you, and I know you sleep bare.

Since I cannot have you now, I must satisfy myself with touching what you have touched. I rest myself against the arm of the couch, hurriedly kicking off my Keds. My jeans have to come off now, and my pink cotton panties quickly follow them. I whip off the navy blue polo I’m wearing and practically rip my bra off. I need to be naked, to have this quilt against my skin like you did last night.

I toss a leg over the arm of the couch and gather up the blanket. I’m sure I look a sight: blonde hair tousled from removing my shirt, straddling a couch with a rumpled blanket pressed to my breasts. I don’t care. All I want is your hands on me. This blanket is the closest I will get, so I close my eyes and grip it tightly, drawing it across my nipples. I know it tickled yours the same way. Did it raise them up as bright and pink as mine right now? Did each little movement of fabric send a rush downwards?

That thought reminds me that part of this blanket has touched you down there. Did it get caught between your legs as you slept? Has one corner of this quilt rubbed against your clit? Did you touch yourself? Did you dampen it with your sweetness? I must find out!

In an awkward turning move, my hands raise every last inch of fabric to my nose. I think I’ve found a spot that smells somewhat musky. It drives me mad and my lips want to taste it, wants to pretend it’s your gorgeous pussy instead of some cotton and batting. My fingers hold it tight as my tongue slowly traces around that sweet square, a blue square. I resolve that the color blue will always turn me on.

I draw it further into my mouth, sucking on it. I wish this could be flesh, a little nub I can suck on and lick until your thighs clamp around my ears and you tremble, begging me to stop. I take the other end of the quilt and rub it against myself, my hips beginning to rock along the armrest of the sofa. I pretend your face is beneath me, your lips tickling my nethers. This cotton is your tongue, and my hands send it delving into my pussy before bringing it up to my clit, circling it around.

I rest that end of the quilt on the armrest so I can fuck myself with my fingers. I wish they were yours, your middle finger driving into me just so until it finds a swollen spot. Your finger -or is it mine?- presses gently, rubbing back and forth, raising it up even more. I know you’re going to share this with me, that you want to drink me in.

I imagine your mouth opened expectantly, and my legs begin to tremble. I feel the urge building in me as my thumb circles my hardened clit and my middle finger milks the sweet spot between my lips. Suddenly I tense, overwhelmed with sensation. In that one second, the taste of you is so full on my tongue. I can feel every thread in the quilt between my thighs. Each detail is so clear and I swear I can see your gaze from below as I release a stream of my honey onto your waiting face. I hear you tasting it, savoring it as my fingers pound furiously, drumming out more and more until I can bear it no longer and I collapse downward, my face buried in your pillow.

After some time, I rise from the couch, alone yet satisfied. I find my jeans and shimmy my way back into them. I ignore the bra in favor for just a shirt, which I pull over my head. I grab the laundry basket, open the washer and pile everything in, ready for the line. I reluctantly begin the climb up the stairs, glancing backwards. I laugh. Your blanket is soaked. I wonder if you’ll notice tonight.

Naked Drive

It was one of those mornings. I awoke from a pleasant night of broken sleep. Perhaps this sounds like an oxymoron. Some of you might know this feeling. Six hours earlier I opened my bedroom window to let the pre-autumn breeze blow through my bedroom. I slid my black boxer briefs down my thighs, stepped out of them and turned my light out. The moonlight already illuminated the room with an unexpected but welcome glow. I enjoyed seeing my cock thickening with warmth, as I lay down atop my comforter. My body smelled fresh and cool from my recent shower.

My hand drift across my chest and across my firm abs. I had been working on my lower abs especially hard the past several weeks, swimming and leg lifts work wonders to tighten that area below the belly button. My fingers made their way to my engulfed but not yet hard cock. I have learned to enjoy this stage of pre-erection, being able to keep it there or take it up or down. I let the tip of my fingers feel the warmth and stretched edges on the head of my penis. As I have done many times before, I debated if I wanted to cum or take those sexual thoughts and energy into the next day. It turns out to be about 50/50 on that decision. I let my cock rise to 90 degrees to enjoy the sight of my hand wrapping around the shadow of my cock on the wall opposite the window. I knew that I had privacy tomorrow morning as well, a rare treat with the wife and kids out of town. Knowing this, I decided to enjoy sensual dreams and play my orgasm card the following morning.

But before my hand retreated from my cock, I closed my fingers around my shaft and pumped just once to release a heavy stream of precum onto my index finger. It was more than I could hold as I brought it to my mouth. I smeared it across my top and bottom lip, and went back for what fell. I brought the rest to my tongue. I savored the taste, and eventually, licked my lips off. This was almost ritual with every masturbation session.

I am not sure what my dreams were about but as I awoke throughout the night, I felt my cock still partially erect. I ran my hands across my cool buttocks and along my waist. The nakedness felt good, especially since I knew I could continue to drift into sleep.

When the morning light broke through the window and splashed across my bed, I was ready. It was as if I had planned it, yet I had not. I got up and headed for the sink. I finger-combed my hair with a little water and splashed some water on my face. I looked into the mirror admiring my cock and its endurance. I certainly passed the horny test, I thought. I headed downstairs and grabbed the car keys off the counter. I walked into the garage and pressed the button to open the door. As I passed the back bumper I saw my nude reflection. I hopped into the front seat, started the engine and backed out into the sunlight and a neighborhood not yet bustling. I reached over to get a full water bottle and put it between my legs. The coolness felt fantastic against my warm cock. I hit the buttons to lower both my window, and the passenger window. I drove through the neighborhood, past a shopping area, and onto a less traveled road leading to a park-like area. Twice I needed to clear the tip of my cock from leaking precum. Of course, these drops found their way to my lips again. I parked on a gravel pull-off area and turned off the engine. Others come here from time to time, thus the informal gravel area that I parked in. I had been here before while biking weeks before. I had seen several other hikers talking there and then enter the woods. I slowed to see them traverse to the river below. I knew at that moment that I would someday return to enjoy the river’s sensual allure.

I was half erect, nervous and overdosed on adrenaline. In fact, I was shaking all over. It was scary, but the rush of excitement was overwhelming. I stepped out of the car and hurriedly broke into the wooded brush that led to the riverbank. I realized how vulnerable I was when I felt the jagged brush under my feet. As I approached the river, I scouted a perfect flat shelf of partially submerged rocks about 10 feet into the river. Sunlight was shining on their surface as if to mark my destination. I waded through the thigh-high water to reach the rocks and perched upon the rocks, feeling my heavy balls against the rocks. I laid back on the largest, flattest rock, leaving one knee up and the other leg dangling in the water. My cock was now fully erect and dripping again.

I didn’t want to ruin this moment with a disastrous ending, being caught by others and having no clothes to put on, or worse, being caught by police. The first involuntary contraction came almost immediately as I stroked my cock. I could tell by the strength of it that I was going to be rewarded with a fantastic orgasm. I quickly reached down with my other hand and pulled down on my scrotum to lift my cock into the air and prepare for the explosion. I wanted to watch my cum spurt, while I tried to shoot it onto my face. I pulled both feet under myself and raised my hips. My eyes nervously darted to the roadside tree line and back to my cock tip. The orgasmic contractions came in waves, as I felt the stream of white moving through me. I opened my mouth in anticipation. With no need to stroke, an amazing first surge shot a stream of cum onto my neck and face. At least two other surges shot cum onto my belly. Several final contractions were enabled with some helpful pumping action. I wiped the cum from my neck, belly and chest with river water. I left the cum on my face, as I scampered out of the river and through the brush.

As I approached the road, two cars drove by. I wondered if they had seen me. The second car was a female and I looked right at her face as she turned in my direction. My heart was pounding like never before as I slid into my car and quickly backed out. I drove towards home, looking in every direction for police or trucks that I might pull alongside at the three lights I needed to get through. I looked into the rearview mirror and nervously chuckled as I saw the cum dripping on my cheek. I wiped it into my mouth and enjoyed the salty goodness. I made it home without incident, closed the garage door and stumbled out of the car, laughing and moaning. I was spent from the adrenaline rush. But, I lie there on the garage floor, still not completely dry, and jerked off again, reliving the most exciting adventure of my life.

The Perfect Date

It’s dark out when we decide it’s time to get ready. Another lovely planned, fancy dinner date we like to do where we dress up, fine dine, make fun of people, and enjoy a fancy night in the city.

Out of the shower, I do my make up and he puts on his suit. It’s not long before he’s zipping up my dress as I finish putting on my bright lipstick. I’m wearing a very flattering, form fitting little black dress complimented by thigh highs, heels, and my hair is perfect – his suit to match me. We’re going to a nice Italian place in the city, we had been there once before and we quite enjoyed it.

So I grab my purse and see him grabbing something out of our special drawer. I don’t say anything, but I wonder what it is. As we approach the door, I go to grab my jacket but he stops me, his hand firmly on my wrist. He grabs the other and brings them both behind me. He traces his fingers down my side, holding my hands behind me. His finger slides up my skirt as my breathing speeds up, my body tenses and relaxes with his touch. Up my thigh his hand slides, revealing my garter and lace thong. His breath on my neck gives me shivering goosebumps.

He whispers into my ear, “Now my love, tonight is a special night. You will be a good slut, and do as you are told… And do your best to not cum in front of everyone.”

Out of his pocket he pulls out the ohmibod – much nicer than the one we had back in NY – this one wraps from my clit and a small piece inserts inside of me. Slowly, he slips it into place with his hand, and I gasp as it sits against my g-spot. His hand pulls away after inserting the toy, siding up my clit – already so wet- I must have been excited for the night. He slips my thong back into place, and wraps his hand around my throat.

“Pull your dress back down slut, it will come up for me again tonight, but you will endure this pleasure.” He whispers. “Now, we can leave.”

As he released my hands he gave my ass a nice slap. My smile widens as I giggle with excitement.

“Yes sir.” I say as I turned around and motioned him to follow.

Out we go to the car, he walks me around and opens the door for me. As I go to step in, again he stops me. This time he grabbed my hips. I instinctively bent over for him, head on the seat, ass up to his cock. I can feel how hard he is as I shake my ass against him.

He pulls away, again slipping up my skirt. That’s when I heard a click and felt it. As he clicks the vibrator onto its first mode, my breath shudders in the shock of it on my clit and next to my g-spot. His finger tip is wet, and I feel it slide between my ass, as he lubes me up. Out of his pocket comes another toy, this one a small butt plug, jeweled to match my lipstick. He holds it in front of me so I can see it before sliding it in. As he puts it behind me, he puts his hand on my back as to tell me what I do next. I push back against it – forcing it deep in satisfaction. Back over again he pulls my thong, a faint hum as the vibrator works my pussy.

As I stand up straight to fix my skirt, I feel everything – the butt plug in my ass, the vibrator on my clit as it moves around inside of me when I wiggle my body. Satisfied, with an open mouth hoping for more, I sit down as he tells me to.

Now into the car we go. Not even two minutes into the journey and I can’t keep my legs still. I felt him turn the toy up as he sat down, and then again when we pulled out of the driveway. As I wiggle and wriggle in my seat, I slip my hand between my legs.

“No, no you don’t.” He says with a grin on his face.

My eyes shoot to his, glaring in disbelief.

Did he really just say no? With a vibrator on my clit and toy in my ass? He said no to me playing with myself?

He grabs my hand and places it on his throbbing cock, which is clearly hard and almost poking through his pants. Instinctively I stroke it, rubbing my hand up and down it.

“Almost there love.” He says as we pull into line for the vallet. “Will you be able to make it?”

I shake my head, “No.”

“Do you want to cum before you step out of the car?”

I nod, “Yes.”

Again, I hear it click and suddenly the vibrations grow stronger, then stronger, and all of a sudden its maxed out and I press it against my clit with my hand. My body grinds as I wish I were on top of him. I moan. I get louder. I get even louder. The feeling is deep in my stomach. My body tingles. My eyes roll back. And it stops… My body drops back down to the seat as my eyes turn to him and glare. I can see the fire in his eyes.

“I am in control slut, not you” He demands.

As the valet knocks on his window, we step out and begin our short walk to the restaurant. Every movement I make, every step and every sway of my hips, my toys move inside me. My hands grip his bulging muscles, when he looks at me, I said, “Please sir?”

He reaches into his pocket, and again I hear the click. As he sets it to the second lowest level, my smile wraps my face and a soft moan escapes.

We continue down the brick walkway, the sound of heals clicking as we walk. The plug in my ass, ohmibod on my clit set to level 2, we walk toward the restaurant. My heels click with each step, my hips sway and I just wish I could see his body move all over mine. His hard cock presses tightly against his pants, and while not overly noticeable I can the bulge when I look down.

As we await a hostess to seat us, I’m trying not to focus on what’s going to happen later tonight. Every moment we wait, the plug makes my pussy drip, and the vibrations send pulses through my body. Every time I start to rise, I grip his bicep tighter. He gives it a few seconds before lowering the mode, then raising it back up.

We are quickly seated in a circular booth, and we sit nearly side by side. I rest my purse on the other side of him and again he turns the toy up. I struggle to pay attention to the menu. Underneath the table, his hand quickly slips between my crossed legs. Immediately I grant him free access. I can feel my juices all over, my panties are soaked. He presses his fingertips against each toy and applies pressure to rub them just right. The result is almost instant as I made a rather obvious moan. I cover my mouth, and he only presses harder, making it harder to stay quiet. My hand clenches his leg. I wrap my fingers around his hard cock, and my muscles tense. I can feel it coming… Right here in front of a hundred strangers… And we’ve only just arrived.

As I hide my face behind the menu, my breath speeds up. My mouth is basically stuck open. I gasp and lean back. Still covering my mouth, I begin to release myself to the pleasure of the oncoming orgasm. After just a second, he shut if off again – we can’t be too obvious too soon. He pulls his hand away as a waitress arrives and takes our drink order.

I had a great deal of trouble getting through my meal, as he was constantly playing with the modes, randomly selecting high vibrations and letting it sit on low for what felt like forever. I wiggle in my seat, feeling the plug in my ass. The fact I am so wet with toys inside of me, infront of all these people who don’t know is exciting, risky, and so hot.

We finish our meals and prepare to leave. I nearly leave a puddle where I was sitting. We leave the restaurant, his hand holding me close on my hip, the plug in my ass, the vibrator humming away on my clit. The smile on my face is undeniable.

“Desert is soon.” He whispers into my ear as we step out and make our way back to the valet.

Inside the car I already have my dress pulled up, thong out of the way and have tossed the ohmidbod so I can finally rub my clit. My other hand is gripping his cock, still in his pants as I furiously work myself up to cum, something I’ve been holding back nearly an hour now. His hand pushes mine out of the way, and I push my back to the door and open my legs to him, letting him reach to my seat and easily slide in two fingers. Deep and fast he rubs my g-spot, the butt plug forcing his fingers against that g-spot as he slides in and out.

“Now, desert.” He says inattentively as he motions for me to remove his pants as he drives.

He passes me a can of whip cream as I bend over him, spreading it on his cock then licking it all off. The coolness of it is sensitive on my tongue. As well as my pussy when he smacks it, before returning to sliding his fingers deep inside me. I cum three times, all with his cock deep in my mouth before he stops the car not far from home.

He steps out and opens the door for me, leading me out by my hand. Behind me, he shuts it, then pushes me up against the car. My skirt up, butt plug in, his cock out, and he kisses me. It’s only seconds before my hands guide his thick cock inside of me, and he has lifted me up and layed me on the hood. Legs out, I look up and moan as he slide his whole cock deep and slowly inside me. His rhythm begins to speed up, and I match it, pushing my hips into him and holding my legs up high and wide. The plug in my ass strokes his cock from below, and my g-spot is hit just right. He thrusts and fucks me hard, the car I’m on top of rocks just as I feel it coming… The tingling, it’s deep in my stomach… My muscles tense.

“I’m cuming!” I scream in between the moans as my eyes roll back and my body moves uncontrollably as the orgasm sweeps through my body.

His hands are tight around my legs as my body shakes and his cock is still pounding inside of me. As I come back from my orgasm, the sensation doesn’t stop. It grows suddenly. I feel the surge.

I let it go as I squirt all over the hood screaming his name.

As my body releases so does his, and he holds my hips tight against his as he unleashes his cum inside of me. A new feeling, a new feeling that I’ve never had. I can feel him all over me, especially all inside me. It’s overcoming, so strong and intoxicating. I lie there and whisper, “I’m your little slut sir, thank you sir.” Then I exhale, exhausted.

We finish off this perfect date by arriving at home, stripping and making out the whole way to the bathroom. The flame of passion fully reignited, a fresh wind of energy. Only this time more sensual, more romantic. We make our way into a hot running bath, it smells delightful. I lay on him. Carefully and slyly teasing him, rubbing my body against his, sliding my hands up and down him. I know exactly what I’m doing. His hand reaches over me, between my legs, and brings his cock up between the lips of my pussy. I look down and smile, then take over. I slowly rock my hips up and down. Moving his erection from the entrance, to the top of my clit.

It’s like heaven.

The rest, is a whole other story.

The Chair Ch. 08

It had been about 2 weeks since their test run with Lisa and Nicki [see Chapter 7]. He had taken the down-time to make some minor modifications and also some additions. He was just buttoning up the base unit when Nicki called. She was wondering if she might get to try out The Chair again. He told her he had just finished some modifications and they needed a good thorough check out. She said she would be right over.

When she arrived he was surprised to see that Lisa was not with her. Nicki explained that Lisa was working. He offered her a large soft drink, explaining that she might need it to stay hydrated, as this might be a long session.

As she was drinking her soda he busied himself setting up the video camera. When she saw it she asked to see the tape he had made the last time. While she took a seat on the sofa, he started the video running on the large screen TV. He had fast-forwarded to the point where Nicki’s friend Lisa was getting into The Chair. Nicki had never been into watching porn, but this was different. This was more exciting because she actually knew the people on the tape. When the tape got to the point where she was fucking his ass with a strap-on, she couldn’t believe how hot she got watching herself in action. She explained to him that although she had brought the dildo and harness with her, she had never actually used it before. He told her that he was honored and that he would be glad to help her experience any other “virgin territory” she might want to explore.

Before she had seen the final portion of the video with herself bound to The Chair, she came while sitting on the sofa without even touching herself. Although she had been squeezing her thighs together almost since the video started. She had tried to stifle her orgasm so as not to attract his attention, but as she looked at him, she knew that he was aware of what had just happened. He told her not to be ashamed of it, and that he had also almost cum himself just from watching the tape.

When she saw the tape end where the others were helping her out of The Chair, she said she was disappointed that he didn’t have video of herself with the redhead and him pleasuring each other on the bed. He said he was disappointed too and he might need to buy another video camera.

Having just finished watching the video, she was again very horny and ready to experience The Chair. As she prepared herself by removing all her clothes, he took them and moved them far away from The Chair, explaining that they might get splashed. She then sat in The Chair, which was in the ordinary chair shape starting position. He started securing her by locking the cuffs around her ankles. The leg supports that he was cuffing her to were already spread apart about 15 inches at the knees. As he fastened the ankle cuffs he had a close-up view of her moist pussy, already excited from watching the video. This time he fastened all the extremity cuffs a little tighter than before.

Once all the cuffs were fastened tightly, he started the computer program. He had prepared it just after she had called and said she was coming over. The Chair tilted backwards into a horizontal table. She began to get a little worried when he approached her and began attaching several wires to various points all over her body. There were also a couple of wires leading to velcro straps that he wrapped around one of her fingers and her wrist. Suddenly she wasn’t nervous anymore, as she now knew that these were sensors to monitor her physiological reactions. When he saw that she understood what he was doing, he explained that these would be recording (among other things) her heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure. Once all the sensors were in place he checked the computer to make sure that they were all operating properly. The computer would be recording the data so that he could correlate it with the particular action of The Chair at any point in time. He then returned to her side and attached two medium size cups to her nipples. He also attached a large oddly shaped cup over her pussy. He coated the edge with some gel and used one of the straps to hold it firmly against her, making an air tight seal. This cup also had two hoses running into it. They came from a milk crate sized box next to the base of The Chair.

As he returned to the computer, from the readings he could see that she was already getting more excited. He then resumed the computer program for controlling The Chair and her arms began to move out from her sides. Her arms were stretched far out to her sides until there was just the slightest amount of pain. But this was a “good” pain. After pausing a moment to let her readings settle a bit, her legs began to separate further. These too were brought to the borderline between pleasure and pain.

She was now secured to the table as if it were a cross. Her arms and legs stretched to their limits before registering true pain. The table then began to tilt, but not lowering her head like the previous time. This time she was raised to an almost standing position. Of course she couldn’t stand, as her feet couldn’t touch the floor. She was completely supported by the cuffs binding her to The Chair. In this position she could now see that he had moved the large screen TV in front of her so she could see it. He remotely started the VCR playing the video again. He had rewound the tape to the point where Nicki had first entered the frame. As she watched the near life size images cavort on screen, the computer recorded her every reaction. The only stimulation she was receiving (beside the video) was the minimal sucking required to hold the nipple cups on her breasts. As he saw her readings on the monitor spike, he looked at her and realized that she had just cum from watching herself and the others on tape. He also noted that the tape had just reached the point where Nicki had orgasmed. He wondered if this was a coincidence or not. The TV then shut off and the program waited for her readings to normalize again.

Once she had relaxed, the nipple cups began sucking at her nipples more intensely. Correspondingly her levels increased also. After her readings stabilized near this new level, the intensity of the nipple cups increased again, accompanied by another jump in her readings. After her readings stabilized again, the nipple cups increased to their maximum level. This time the jump in her readings was different. She had cum again. As he looked at her, he thought to himself that it was fortunate that she came when she did as there wasn’t a more intense setting on the nipple cups. Additionally, there was no more room in the 1-1/2 inch cups he had put on her. Her nipples and areola had been completely sucked into the cups, looking like some light brown marshmallow that had been packed into the glass bulb. As she began to come down from her last orgasm, the nipple cups reverted to their minimum sucking intensity and her nipples receded part way to their normal position on her breasts.

As she was just hanging on The Chair waiting for her next stimulus, he brought her another soft drink with a straw. He stood there and held it for her while she drank it down. He also replaced the nipple cups on her breasts with a different set. The new set was very similar, except there were 2 hoses attached to each cup where the previous set only had one. When he was satisfied that she was good to go, he resumed the program.

The first stage of this part of the program consisted of her being submerged into almost complete darkness. All the lights in the room had been turned off. The only light now consisted of a faint glow coming from the computer and the video monitor. The darkness produced a fluctuation in her readings as he had expected. Suddenly she felt a very cold and wet sensation on her left nipple. Because of the darkness, she couldn’t see that the second hose in the nipple cup was shooting a fine stream of ice cold water directly at her nipple. As soon as the stream stopped, the water was sucked out by the other hose. Now her right nipple felt hot and wet. The second hose on this cup was spraying a fine stream of hot water (100 degrees Fahrenheit – about the temperature in a hot tub) at her other nipple. When this stream stopped, the water was again sucked out by the vacuum. Both of Nicki’s nipples now felt cold. She assumed that this was due to the airflow of the vacuum. She was wrong. Both nipple cups were now filling with ice cold water. Suddenly the lights came on and she could see that both cups were now filled with water and her nipples were covered with goosebumps.

Now she felt a new sensation. She was now receiving a stream of cold water directly on her clit. She had a powerful orgasm that lasted 30 seconds. Her entire body was now a contradiction in sensations. Her tits and clit were both freezing, her pussy was warm, and the rest of her body was perspiring from cumming. The cold water was now evacuated from the nipple cups and it was replace with hot water. The water stream on her clit now began to pulsate, sending her body reeling into another orgasm. This one more powerful than the last. The stream stopped, giving her body a chance to compose itself again.

A gentle ice-cold stream soon started again. As it did, she felt a different sensation. She now realized that she hadn’t peed since she had arrived here and she had drank two large soft drinks. She called to him, telling him that she had to get up to pee. He told her that she couldn’t get up, but she could pee. He explained that the apparatus secured over her pussy was designed specifically for this purpose, first to induce the subject to pee and second to suck the pee away. As she pleaded with him that she couldn’t pee like this, the cold water continued to spray her clit. Even though she was mortified about what he wanted her to do, she was at the same time getting more excited, either from the situation or from the water. When the ice-cold stream on her clit began to pulsate again, she could hold it any longer and she began to pee. Simultaneously she had another orgasm, but this was different than any other orgasm she had ever experienced. Not better or stronger, just different. As she peed, her stream of urine was plainly visible inside the clear cup covering her pussy. It would hit one side and then swirl around the cup as it was sucked out by the vacuum. She continued to pee for a solid minute before her bladder was empty. As she began to relax again, the warm water at her nipples was sucked out and a cleansing mist was sprayed and evacuated from the pussy cup.

She then felt The Chair beginning to recline again. Once she was flat, he came over and began to unfasten her. First he undid the cuffs on her arms and legs, then he removed the nipple and pussy cups. He suggested she just lay there for a few minutes until she got her strength back. Within one minute she had fallen asleep on The Chair.

Nicki was having a dream about her recent experience in The Chair. She was remembering the sensation of the water jet pulsating on her clit. This dream was so much more realistic than any dream she had ever had before. As she was writhing around from the pleasant sensations she was imagining happening to her clit, she began to wake up. She recognized that she was indeed on The Chair, but she was not secured to it in any way. She then looked down and saw that the sensation on her clit was not being generated by The Chair, but by the redhead licking her clit. Nicki then smiled at the redhead and laid back to enjoy it.

The redhead had arrived a few minutes after Nicki had fallen asleep. She was not surprised to find the blonde there, as he had called her before Nicki had arrived to tell her that Nicki was coming over. As Nicki slept, he described the sequence that he had just put her through. The redhead became so excited hearing all the details that she couldn’t wait to start phase two of this session.

As the redhead stripped out of her white blouse and black slacks, he checked the computer and video camera to make sure they were still recording Nicki’s readings and her images. When he had previously unfastened the cuffs that had secured Nicki to The Chair, he had been careful not to remove the various physiological sensors.

The redhead got on her knees between the legs of the sleeping blonde and began licking at Nicki’s pussy and clit. As soon as she started, he could see the blonde’s readings change on the computer. Nicki began moaning and writhing around as the redhead lapped at her blood engorged clit. That was the point when Nicki began to wake up.

It didn’t take long with the redhead lapping at Nicki’s clit before she screamed, signaling the first of her human induced orgasms of the afternoon. As Nicki was coming down from her sexual plateau, the redhead got up and stood beside her. He also approached the other side. He explained to her that they wanted to collect readings for comparisons between mechanical and human stimulation. He told her that they would both be providing her with many more orgasms this afternoon. She told them that that sounded “delicious” and asked what they were waiting for.

With that invitation he quickly disrobed and assumed the redhead’s previous position between Nicki’s thighs. As he began licking her pussy, the redhead explained that they also wanted to compare how her reactions differed between male and female stimuli. His technique was different, but equally as satisfying. He would alternate between licking her outer and inner lips, flicking his tongue over her clit, and plunging his tongue as deep inside her as possible. In her highly aroused state, it only took 3 or 4 minutes of this action before she clamped her thighs tightly around his head and came, flooding his tongue with her juice.

Once the blonde released his head from between her thighs, he returned to Nicki’s side, across from the redhead. Leaning over the blonde’s naked body, they both kissed briefly. Then they bent down and each took a nipple between their lips. As they both began lavishing their oral attentions on her breasts, Nicki placed a hand behind each of their necks, pulling them down toward her breasts. They both continued to kiss her breasts and nipples, lick and suck her nipples, and occasionally lightly bite her nipples until she thought that she couldn’t take it any more. Then she felt someone’s fingers begin to caress her pussy. She didn’t know which one the fingers belonged to, and to be honest, she didn’t really care as long as they didn’t stop. As two fingers began to enter her, another finger began playing with her clit. As a third finger was added to the two already inside her and they began thrusting in and out, she climaxed again. She found out later that is was his fingers inside her while the redhead played with her clit. They stopped playing with her breasts and pussy after she came. They then gave her a few minutes to recuperate.

He then helped Nick roll over on The Chair without disconnecting any of the electrical leads. Once she was in position, both he and the redhead began giving the blonde a nice relaxing head-to-toe massage. As one of them began working their way up her legs toward her ass, her readings on the computer began to climb also. As this pair of hands gently yet forcefully massaged her ass, the other pair was massaging her neck and shoulders. When the hand working on her ass began to brush lightly over her puckered asshole, she opened her eyes to see his erect dick just inches in front of her face. When the redhead began to work one and then a second finger into the blonde’s ass, Nicki reached out and pulled his hard cock into her warm wet mouth. As the redhead would thrust her two fingers in and out of her ass, Nicki continued to give him a very wet blowjob.

The redhead then abruptly removed her fingers from Nicki’s ass and told him that she was ready now. He then pulled his hard dick, dripping with saliva, from Nicki’s mouth and moved down between the blonde’s legs. He then leaned forward and began working his dick into her tight ass. When he had it all the way inside her, the redhead then began licking at Nicki’s pussy from beneath. She would lick all the up to the point where his dick met her ass. Then occasionally she would lick and suck his balls. When she sensed that he was ready to cum, she reached up and diddled Nicki’s clit until she came. At the same time he shot his load deep into her ass.

After they had disentangled themselves, he began carefully removing the leads from the blonde subject. After resting for a good 10 minutes, they each made their way to the bathroom where they showered away the remnants of their afternoon of sex and research.

By analyzing the readings he had taken with Nicki, he hoped to add a simple sort of artificial intelligence to The Chair. His plan was to enable The Chair to repeatedly bring a subject just to the brink of orgasm and then back off. —